Getting Started

The other day, we at Solaris Offgrid needed to port our database over to PostgreSQL. It was time.

For that task we used the handy tool that Dimitri Fontaine built.

I thought the instructions on installing the tool on a Mac could have been a bit clearer. So I wrote it up.

  1. In your terminal, clone the project onto your machine
    git clone
  2. brew install sbcl
    brew install clozure-cl
    brew install freetds --universal --build-from-source
  3. cd pgloader
  4. You probably wont have to run
    as the last command should have run that for you. That did it for me!
  5. ./build/bin/pgloader --version
    Now it is installed.
  6. Create an alias for pgloader
    nano ~/.bash-profile 
    alias pgloader="copied path_to_here/build/bin/pgloader"
    . Then cntrl + o, enter, cntrl + x
  7. Test again:
    pgloader --version
    pgloader --help


Hope it helps! If it doesn't work, let me know and Ill help out as much as possible.