One of the greatest lessons I have learned in development is to always read the README.

Instead of asking a question on StackOverflow or some forum, I highly suggest reading the README first of the gem, module, and/or package. Not only will you learn more by doing it, but you will also grasp the important skill any employer looks for...self-motivation.

Any half-way decent software will have a solid README that should take care of most of the functionality and set-up.

With this being said, here is the README for this site.

#Andrew Graham-Yooll's Blog

A blog/site for hosting his resume.

Built with [Jekyll]( and a [StartBootstrapTemplate](

Shout out to BlackRockDigital for their fantastic [Jekyll Template](

## My goal(s) with this site

First, this site is a host for my resume. If I could find an employer to look at it, 
that would be swell.  

But mainly, this site will serve as a kind of tutorial site for myself first and foremost, 
and for others that happen to run upon it. As a fairly new developer, I have had a tough time 
learning certain concepts. I hope this blog solidifies my understanding of those aspects of the 
trade, and possibly helping other out as well.  

Thirdly, I like art. I will be posting my art and other contributors art. Their names and 
comments will be posted.  

## Contact

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, my email is